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Football team from Mount St Joseph in the 1960s
L-R Back Paddy McGuire, Val Daly, Kevin Mckenna, Colm Carolan, Gus Finnegan, John O Connell, Jack Curtis
Front L-R Pat Rogan, Paddy O Connell, Michael Morris, Frank Morris, Eamonn Carolan rip, Sean Barett. Mascot in front Brendan Morris

football team






11 caption




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Week 11 -The County Final Special 

To celebrate Kingscourt Stars reaching the final we have develed into the archives of to find some gems.

The first piece is a clip from the 1990 final against Mullahoran. Notice the change in refereeing standards especially the lack of action taken by the referee after the “Butchers” first minute tackle. 


The next image is a match report newspaper clipping from the Anglo Celt  followings Kingscourts victory over Ramor in the 1990 Championship final.


The next image is recognises the 25 year anniversary of the 1987 double winning team

Back Row (L to R) – Tommy McCaul,Padraig McCormack, Brendan Farrelly, John Martin, Terry Reilly, Michael Faulkner, Jim Reilly, Joe Dillon, Michael Farrelly

Front Row (L to R) – Joe McCaul, Pat Faulkner, Maurice Rowentree, Francie McKenna, Cian Murtagh, Barry McArdle


The last photo comes from our favorite source “School Days in Kingscourt” See how many Kingscourt Stars you can pick out and this years captain is there too.

Week 10 Back to School

Its that time of year again when new school uniforms are bought, lunch boxes are found containing last May’s old mouldy sandwiches and  first time school goers tears are matched only by that of their parents……..Its back to School time and with that we have put together some old school photographs thanks to the book published in 2004 called “Schooldays in Kingscourt Town”

The first photo is of the Matt Talbot Hall taken in 1940.

The schoolhouse at the Matt Talbot Hall was built in 1898. It opened as Kingscourt Boys’ and Girls’ National School on 11th January 1899. There were two rooms for the Boys who were divided into two grouping the seniors and the juniors. There were a further two rooms for the girls who were also divided into two groupings.

Kingscourt Boy’s and Girls’ Schools in the Matt Talbot closed in 1953 as a new school, our present school was built and opened on the Dublin Rd under the new name of St. Joseph’s Boys’ and St. Joseph’s Girls’ National Schools. The old school was converted into a hall by Rev, M. Marry P.P. and was renamed the Matt Talbot Hall.

Due to the increase in the number of pupils in the school a new school was built in 1953 on the Dublin Rd. This school had three classrooms for boys and three classrooms for girls.

The opening of this school is recorded in “Dún- a’ Rí“ written by Fr. Marry,  where it states

“One of Dún-a-Rí’s most progressive steps was made in April 1953 with the opening of a new  €20,000 national school, built entirely from locally manufactured brick, at Mount St. Joseph. It accommodates 260 pupils. As the school was named St. Joseph’s National Boys’ and Girls’ Schools, a seven foot statue depicting St. Joseph feeding the birds with the Christ Child in his arms was erected over the front entrance of the school. The sculptor was the famous Gary Trimble  who is renowned for painting portraits of past presidents”

As the years passed the population grew around Kingscourt and the pupil-teacher ratio was reduced. There were no classrooms for the new teachers who joined the staff. They were teaching in prefabs in the yard and the in the band room in St. Mary’s Hall. In 1984 the school was extended and ten classrooms with two internal toilets in each room were added. There was a General purpose room between the two schools. There were seven teachers teaching in the Girls’ school and the same in the boys school.





On the 1st September 2003 St. Joseph’s Girls’ National School and St. Joseph’s Boys’ National School amalgamated having been two separate schools since their inception in 1859.

After all that history, you can enjoy this classic photo from 1991!



Week 9 – The Fair of Muff


This week we have posted photos of the Fair of Muff from years gone by.

To learn more about the fair you can log on to a new site dedicated to it created by Brendan Donnellan –

Along with this photos we have also shared with you a shot from Kingscourt Boys School in 1960.





Week 8 – Olympic Special continued

With the Olympics now in full flow we continue this week with a trawl through Kingscourts Athletic past.

The first picture shows a collection of young lads from Mount Saint Joesph in1965. Thanks to Gerry Curtis for sending us this great photo.

The second picture shows a collection of young  athletes from 1984 who were competing in the community games.











The following photos are taken from the official blessing of O’Raghallaigh Park back in the nineteen fifties.  The armed soldiers you see are from the Irish Reserve Defense Forces (F.C.A). Peter McConnell who is one of our Facebook fans took part in this guard of honour on that day. 
























Week 7 – Olympic Special

This week we are celebrating the start of the Olympics by recognising our many athletics over the years!!

Over the duration of the Olymics intend to share with you some photos of Kingscourt people involved in Sport over the years.

Email us with any old photos you may have similar to the ones below and we will post them up.

info@themarketsquare or post on our facebook wall;














road league 1984


























Week 6 – Kingscourt in 1837 (just before the famine)

This week we bring you a description of Kingscourt from a book called “A Topographical Dictionary of Ireland” written over 175 years ago in 1837 by a man called Samuel Lewis. Samuel traveled all over the UK and Ireland recording historical and statistical descriptions of Irish places including Kingscourt. At he time it had 1616 residents who lived in 314 houses. (average of over 5 people per house). Cabra Castle and Dun a Ri forest park are also described in good detail.

Please click here for the full text.

Thanks again to Bróna Uí Loing for the material. 

Based on the the popularity of old school photographs we have also thrown in a classic from ….name the year?















Week 5

The Largest Hardware Shop in Ireland was once in Kingscourt in the 1930s.

Bróna Uí Loing contacted the Market Square website when she came across the newspaper clipping detailing how the Doonaree song written by her mother Eilis Boland rose to fame.

Bróna has studied genology and has carried out extensive research into her own family background and in doing so has unearthed some fascinating information about Kingscourt’s past. Thanks to Bróna we hope to share some of these pieces in the coming weeks. We will start this week with how Bróna is connected to the owner of the man who operated at what was at one time the “biggest” hardware shop in Ireland.

Bróna’s Great Great Grandfather Bernard Carolan was born circa 1823 and worked as teacher.

Bernard’s daughter Anne Marie (Annie) married Thomas O Reilly (brother of Anthony O Reilly)

Annie died in 1886 and Thomas soon after leaving their behind a young family of four children, Patrick, Margaret, Máire, (Bróna’s Grandmother) and Bernard.

Marie married Patrick Farrelly from Lisagoan who he died in 1925. Bróna’s grandmother Marie was left with 4 small children, Pearse, Eilis, (Bróna’s mother), and twins Matt and Malachy.   Anthony O’Reilly was the executor of Patrick Farrelly’s will appears to have become the patriarch of the family looked after the extended family.  Anthony owned shops and Public houses in Dun a Kingscourt and at one stage he owned a whole block of shops and pubs including the biggest hardware shop in Ireland.

Some of the goods on offer were as follows;

Grocery, Furniture, Gun Powder, Shots, Wine, Spirits, Furniture, Timber, Bicycles, cars, Timber, Slates, Seeds, Sugar, fresh bread and buns and shirt fronts!!

Anthony lived until 1935 and when he died he was buried in Kinscourt at the age of 76. His grave can be seen in the old cemetery of the Church of the Immaculate Conception, Kingscourt.

O Reillys Shop Front (Now Murtaghs)

Marie’s daughter Eilis rose to fame in later years for penning the popular Doonaree song.

Thanks to Bróna again for contacting the site and for sharing this fascinating walk back through Kingscourt history. Thanks also to Jim O Reilly for the images.






Week 4

This week we we catch up with some GAA history and the founding fathers of the Kingscourt Stars Club and some of the local people who parted with thier hard earned money to support the development of a pitch in Kingscourt.

Our first photo shows the 1950 committee who came together to develop O’Raghaillaigh Park.











We need some help with the next newspaper clipping which gives a list of people who contributed to the development of Cabra Park. The year of this clipping is not know and there is confusion about the location of the “Cabra” Gaa field. Answers or suggestions to



































Our last photos is our school photo of the week and this times its the Girls of 1986/1987!

















The third week of our “From the Archive” section showcases old newspaper cuttings describing two women who made “Doonaree” famous along with some more recent school photos with some fimilare faces from 1987.


Cutting Number 1 describes the history of the famous “Doonaree” song written by Eilish Boland and and how it came to popularity in the nineteen fifties in America from when it was first song in the Matt Talbot Hall.


Cutting 2 describes another 1950s famous Irish artist called Eithne McNally who came to Kingscourt to paint a mural of the Wishing Well in Mackins Hotel.





















Mackins Hotel Mural














More recently but still 25 years ago we have a photo from the 6th class national boys school. Enjoy tagging faces from this one on facebook!!
















Week 2

Our second week showcases firstly the talent/variety shows that were once a regular event in Kingscourt – What would it take to get these events started again?? probably the cancellation of the X factor on Saturday and Sunday nights during winter months!

Feel Free to tag any relations of the entertainers on our facebook page.

The second photo is also from the seventies and its of the first group of Kingspan workers with some of them sporting fine gruaige!





Week 1

We have started off this week with an image of the place which gives rise to the name of this website.

Please feel free to email us with any material which you think would be of interest to our growing audience

The first photo below were taken during the 1930’s when as part of the Corpus Christi celebrations.

In the 1930s the world experienced a global recession, unemployment was high in Ireland, our national team were poor at soccer and Kerry were the strongest team at gaelic football……..some things never change!

The second photo is more recent and shows the Under 14 Kingscourt Stars team from 1974.


Market Square – 1930s Corpus Christi Parade


1974 Under 14 Team