Kingscourt & Carrickmacross Jazzercise

  • Pricing Options:
    • €35.00 per month for unlimited classes at Kingscourt venue
    • €45.00 per month for unlimited classes at both Kingscourt & Carrickmacross venues
    • €10.00 per class Pay-As-You-Go

Jazzercise Kingscourt brings to the town a great new exercise and fitness alternative. Classes are run by Sandra Carolan from Carrickmacross.

Jazzercise is dance aerobics in a fun, welcoming environment. Officially Jazzercise describe the program as “a pulse-pounding, bass-dropping fitness program that gets results…fast. It’s a calorie-torching, hip-swiveling dance party workout with a hot playlist to distract from the burn. Customers can incinerate up to 800 calories in one 60 minute class. There are a variety of class formats taught including Strike, Fusion, Core, Strength and Dance Mixx.”

The program is suitable for women and men at any fitness level. In all classes, both high and low impact versions of routines are demonstrated with customers all working at their own pace!

Getting started?

Advance reservation is not necessary, just show up! Wear comfortable exercise clothing & footwear, bring a bottle of water, an exercise mat and, if you have them, a set of light hand-weights (1-3kgs). We’ll take care of the rest!

Contact Sandra any time for a quick phone consultation or more information (087) 6014865 or jazzercise.cmx@gmail.com  or visit the facebook page by click the facebook icon below

 Kingscourt: The Community Centre

Monday & Thursday at 8.15pm

€35.00 per month unlimited classes or €10.00 per class P-A-Y-G.

Flexi-Pass for €45.00/month gives customers access to all classes in both Kingscourt & Carrickmacross.


Carrickmacross: The Phoenix Centre *

Regular Jazzercise                                       Jazzercise Lite

Monday 8.15pm                                           Tuesday 10.00am

Tuesday 10.00am                                        Thursday at 10.00am

Wednesday 8.15pm                                     Saturday 9.30am

Thursday 7.15pm

Saturday 9.30am

*Different pricing program for Carrickmacross classes