Pebbles Childcare

The Premises at ‘Pebbles’ are exceptional and have been purpose built, specifically built with our client base in mind.
Here the children in the staff’s care are encouraged to learn through their direct experience, in an environment that is safe, stimulating and provides a sensible balance between flexible and structured routine.
In professional and legislated surroundings your child is educated in a caring and individualised manner.

The staff understand the importance of physical activity for health and fitness in growing children and so all children have access to the state of the art outdoor play area. In conjunction with this the staff promote a healthy food policy.

The staff in Pebbles respect,support and celebrate children’s individual needs,culture and differences. Pebbles also value the parents and carers as the primary educators of the child, In relation to this Observations are carried out by staff at various times throughout the year. Observations involve watching listening to the child and using the information gathered to enhance their learning and development.

Quality Assured ·
* Registered with Cavan HSE and comply fully with all Statutory
regulations and requirements. ·
* We comply with the childcare pre-school regulations
* Siolta Compliant:- The national quality framework for early childhood
education. ·
* Aisear Compliant:- Aistear is the curriculum framework for children
from birth to six years  in
Ireland. ·
* Promote the continuous training of staff who maintain high levels of

Montessori preschool:

For years 3-6

Montessori materials include:

Practical Life, Sensorial exercise, Mathematics materials, Language materials, Cultural materials.





Playgroup Room:

For years 2½ – 3½

Play group provides

A predictable but flexible routine

Encourging toddlers to be more independent

Opportunities to develop strength, skills and enhance hand eye co-ordination

Opportunities to act on their curiosity, to concentrate

Support toddlers to develop their language

Encourage toddlers to communicate creatively through story,song,rhyme,play

Count and use mathematical language in everday situations.



From ages 6 months – 2½ years

 Creche provides:

Opportunities for physical development

Opportunities for intellectual development

Opportunities for communication and language development

Opportunities for Social,emotional and behavioural development


After School Care:

From ages 4 – 10 years

Staff provides:

Opportunities for physical play out door and indoor weather dependant

A routine can be drafted up so the child will know what activities to expect when they attend.